A level 1 BBBEE Entity that has grown from a street plant stall to a multidimensional and innovative Greening and Civils Company.

 Gau Scape

Encompasses both landscaping installations and maintenance works and is the brain behind several beautiful tourist sites like OR Tambo Airport Memorial Precinct, Freedom Park, Bryentorion Estates, and Sea Point Promenade.

 Gau Civil

Wide commitment to groundbreaking, industry awing and generally illustrious civil engineering solutions is evident in the magnitude and intensely thought out installations that our young passionate professionals are directly responsible for.

 Gau Enviro

Gau Environmental expertise includes, amongst others Waste Management, Rehabilitation, Environmental Impact Assessment, Landfill management, Management of Bush Encroachment and Alien.

Gau Agri

Procurement and supply of Agro inputs, covers both the Agribusiness and Wholesale Nursery Production. It is accredited by AgriSETA and offers a wide range of training in line with Agribusiness and Ornamental Horticulture.


Work we have done over the years

Landscape projects completed
Civil Projects completed
Environment projects completed
Agriculture projects completed